Joe has been working with and training animals for over 23 years, she affectionately likes to say that she trains owners more so than the animal. Starting as a young girl, Joe and her border collie, Sam, were involved in sheep herding trials where she quickly learned the ropes from some of the most senior and seasoned herders.

Joe's training philosophy is not one of a single "method" or training "tool". Training tools in and of themselves are not good or bad, it is how they are used that makes them effective in training. Joe's priority is to educate her clients on their dog's behavior. Each dog is an individual and must be approached in this way. We should let the dog show us how to train based on the dog’s personality, social development, past and present behavior, aptitude for learning, and the client's goals. In most situations, there is often more than one possible approach or method to training. We should not try to make the dog fit into a singular "method" of training.