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We truly believe that the connection you build with your dog through training will create a lifetime of joy and fulfillment you can’t find anywhere else.

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What We Offer


Our dedicated team works tirelessly to provide the best service for you and your dog!


Group Training

Traditional group classes for puppies, obedience, and competition sports.

Private Training

In home private lesson plans designed specifically for your dog.

Virtual Training

With our state of the art live virtual lessons you can train anywhere, any time. All you need is an internet connection.


Your dog can herd! This is one of our favorite competition sports and it’s easy to get addicted. Your dog will learn skills that transfer over to every day life!


Agility is one of the funnest sports you can teach your dog. Learn how to support your dog while they overcome obstacles in our agility course.


Become a dog Trainer

Our dog trainers program not only teaches you how to train dogs and owners but also how to run your own dog training business!

Puppy Training

Our puppy foundation training teaches everything your dog needs to know from manners to advanced commands.

Specialty Programs

We will help you find and train the service dog that suits your needs.

Behavior Modification

We have experience dealing with the worst of behavior problems.

Urban Obedience

Obedience at home is relatively easy but how is your obedience out and about? We teach perfect obedience anywhere!

Board and Train

Want us to take your dog for a few weeks, train them, and sent them back to you on the track to success? Sign up for one of our board and train programs.

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It All Started When…

We just got tired of seeing so much confusing and even dangerous information targeted toward dog owners. We knew it was time to simplify everything and start sharing our unique style with the world. Our balanced connected dog training approach covers everything from basic obedience and nutrition to advanced specialty training!



Happy Clients

Our custom training plans and constant support help you train your dog at your own pace. We are a community for dogs and owners.



Obedient Dogs

Our in home training plans ensure that everything we do transfers to your every day life and lasts.



days With You

We want to be a part of your life. Training should happen every day. We are here every day for you!




Become a Trainer

We believe in our program so much we even offer training to become a dog trainer!



We teach the learning stages of puppies so you can optimize their learning. We believe there is a foundation of things a puppy should know. We teach you how to implement this foundation at an early age to avoid common behavioral problems that can come later in life. This includes basic obedience and manners.


One of the most frustrating things for owners is having a dog with behavior problems. We teach you how to assess the problem and how to create a training plan custom to each dog to achieve desired goals relating to behavior problems.


All dogs can learn obedience! We teach you the fundamentals of obedience for the one-on-one instruction of in home private lessons and also how to teach obedience to group classes.

Shelters and Rescues

People love to adopt dogs from shelters. We teach you how to assess and select the perfect dog for your client and introduce them into the home using structure and routines to avoid common behavior problems.


October 2017

I love Dog Training 360’s philosophy emphasizing a good bond with your dog is essential to training. They approach each dog differently according to their individual needs.






Why People

Choose Us

Innovative Techniques

Our unique techniques and training style works on every dog, every breed, every age, every time!

Professional Trainers

All our trainers have undergone extensive training and have graduated from our Dog Trainer’s Program.

Happy Dogs

All our training is custom to you and your dog! This ensures you are using the right techniques at the right pace for you!

Positive Experience

We love our clients and their dogs. We believe in creating a community of owners, dogs, and trainers that are here to support you for a lifetime!


Offering Behaviors

Your body language says a lot to a dog and whether we know it or not, it can communicate with your dog. We can use this and teach a dog how to offer behaviors.

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Crate Training

Purpose of crate training is to house train, establish behaviors when you are not home, establish routines and schedules and to give them a safe den to feel comfortable in.

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Learn to Walk the Dog Training 360 Way

Nature prepares dogs for a lot of stuff: finding nourishment, fending off threats, finding/creating safe living spaces, even play. One thing nature does not help them with, however, is going for a nice, loose-leash walk with their person.